Simon Lichtenberg is an impressive individual whose accomplishments continue to inspire businessmen and women. His life experiences in numerous countries throughout the world have only added to his knowledge and expertise, which have contributed so much to the businessman that he is. But Simon Lichtenberg is more than an individual steadily climbing the ladder of success. His professional strides have helped make a tangible difference in the development of China in particular.

Lichtenberg was born in Denmark and lived many of his teens in Africa. He began his first studies in Chinese in Fudan University before returning to Denmark to wrap up his education there. At just 25 years old, Lichtenberg embarked on a career in timber trading. The young career man thrived at his trade, quickly reaching and surpassing his goals. By the next year his ambitions had moved him to China to start his own business.

Lichtenberg developed Trayton Group in Shanghai just a couple years later. This company originally traded timber between Africa and Asia. As of today it has expanded considerably, designing and manufacturing furniture all over the world while specializing in products for China. Several years ago the company even achieved acclaim in “Shanghai Top 500 Industrials.”

And he has not slowed down. Trayton Group continues to debut new chains, retail brands, and retail stores. As Lichtenberg’s empire continues to grow, his professional strides continue to contribute to Shanghai’s economic development. Simon Lichtenberg’s formula of success is the same as it has been with all remarkable achievement stories. Lichtenberg has accomplished worldwide success through his wisdom, education, and the labor of his own mind and body.

His time spent in different countries has given him a certain awareness and intuition that enables him to perform well regardless of his environment. This ability to understand other cultures and to thrive in their midst earned Lichtenberg Shanghai’s esteemed “Magnolia Silver Award.” This individual’s accomplishments serve as an example and reminder to others who aspire to achieve goals and make a difference.

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